Reseller Solutions

Bring your resellers up to speed on your products and processes quickly and cost-effectively.


Consistency at scale

Make sure all of your resellers and dealers receive the same content in the same way.



Authorize resellers for “silver, gold and platinum” status based on training records, quizzes and assessments.


Powerful Analytics

Measure the impact of training on sales performance, revenue and profitability.

Mindflash for Resellers

Educate your reseller and dealer networks on your products and services, policies and procedures anytime, anywhere, on any device.  Track trainee progress in real time to ensure effective learning. Segment, automate and integrate large-scale training programs to reflect your channel strategy. Integration with Salesforce enables extended enterprise scalability and reporting.


Make reseller training a strategic force that drives your business. Create compelling courses, manage large-scale programs, and track business impact.

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